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North Coast Comic Con Summary

I arrived at the show about an hour before it started on Sunday and there was already a bunch of people set up. I got to see again Bryan Borgman (Stratos), Sean and Stephanie Forney, Chris and Maureen Yambar, Robyn Griggs, Uko Smith and writer Marc Sumerak along with Dan Gorman and Robert Kraus (RAK). The show had a great turnout for a first time show and the promoter Roger treated everybody wonderfully. Hopefully he will do another show this Fall. If you are a dealer or artist in NE Ohio I would highly suggest doing this show.


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Best Of Leaf Hockey 2013

Recently this set came out and I participated by creating 50 sketch cards. I choose to do many of the older players and people that the trophies are names after because if it wasn't for them hockey wouldn't be where it is today (minus this half season of course). Here are some samples of the cards that were pack inserted.

Dead Divas available March 22, 2014

Available for purchase March 22, 2014. My 25 sketch cards will be randomly packed into the packs going out. Next up... Women of The Avengers (BBC NOT Marvel)

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