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Star Wars Galaxy 4 and more...

I am about halfway done with my Star Wars Galaxy cards and will be starting another project by the end of the week. I cannot say yet what it is however it is a license I have been wanting to work with for a long long time. As soon as I get the go ahead to say what it is I certainly will...
I also have updated my website to make it more user friendly for viewing purposes. Only drawback is I have hundreds yes hundreds of sketch cards to upload for viewing. And that's not including the over 300+ I will have in addition within the next month....

Here's a Secret Invasion comic book blank variant cover that I drew on. Hope you like it because I have a bunch more to come.


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Don Pedicini Jr. 2.0 After taking some time off to pursue other avenues I have begun working on sketchcards again. I have finished up one licensed set last month which I am waiting on approvals before I announce it and I am currently working on Star Wars Galactic Files Reborn for Topps. I have also just finished the British Horror Collection for Unstoppable Cards which has just been released. I completed 25 cards for that set and I have some AP artist proof cards available for commissions. I will be showing those next week all 25 of them both here and on my stippleartist account over at In the meantime here are some cards I have completed recently. James Bond themed

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