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North Coast Comic Con Summary

I arrived at the show about an hour before it started on Sunday and there was already a bunch of people set up. I got to see again Bryan Borgman (Stratos), Sean and Stephanie Forney, Chris and Maureen Yambar, Robyn Griggs, Uko Smith and writer Marc Sumerak along with Dan Gorman and Robert Kraus (RAK). The show had a great turnout for a first time show and the promoter Roger treated everybody wonderfully. Hopefully he will do another show this Fall. If you are a dealer or artist in NE Ohio I would highly suggest doing this show.


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Reorganizing my website

Don Pedicini Jr. 2.0 After taking some time off to pursue other avenues I have begun working on sketchcards again. I have finished up one licensed set last month which I am waiting on approvals before I announce it and I am currently working on Star Wars Galactic Files Reborn for Topps. I have also just finished the British Horror Collection for Unstoppable Cards which has just been released. I completed 25 cards for that set and I have some AP artist proof cards available for commissions. I will be showing those next week all 25 of them both here and on my stippleartist account over at In the meantime here are some cards I have completed recently. James Bond themed

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