Monday, June 6, 2011

North Coast Comic Con ONE WEEK AWAY!

Don't forget to stop out next Sunday at Tadmor Hall from 10 to 6pm for this great show. Probably one of the largest gathering of artists, actors etc in a very long time in NE Ohio. Tickets are a mere $5 each. Go to North Coast Comic Con website for more info and directions.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Anakin Skwalker Star Wars Clone Wars return card

Here is Anakin Skywalker from the season 2 Rise of the Bounty Hunter set from Topps. This is a return card or artist proof card. What that means is as part of the payment we retain a certain amount of cards to do with as we wish. The only way you can get these cards is directly from the artist....

Dawn of the Dead (1978) Fright Rags Trading Card Set

I contributed 20 sketch cards to this trading card set that came out this month. This Dawn of the Dead movie card set has a great retro fee...